Here’s something new – linux in a very small box, and no disk to boot, so it’s silent too.

Linutop - Desktop

If you want to have a simple and quiet PC under the TV, or you want to embed a web browser into your car, or the shed, then this has to be the way to go…..

Need to edit a file but don’t have a copy of Word handy – then try this web based WP….

ajaxWrite – AJAX for Everyone

XP FileManager not as flexible or as useful as it could be?  Then try this lightweight freeware alternative – what have you got to loose?

ExplorerXP – Freeware file manager for Win2K/XP

OK, so this isn’t exactly news, but if you really need to get an Office package for absolutely no outlay, then OpenOffice is exactly what you’re looking for…. Home

Here’s a cool device – a PC small enough to fit into a wall socket.  It’s super thin-client stuff of course, but it’d be enough to stream through to a server somewhere.  Might work in a wired household? 

Jack PC

Have a look anyway….

Jack PC: The Wall Socket PC

Useful run through from Marton Anka on how to refresh your XP install from the ground up (i.e. reinstall), whilst still keeping hold of the data and applications that plagued your slow old XP. It’s basically a tutorial on VMWare, but it is nicely done.

I’ve been using WordPress to drive my website for a short while now. The ease of use, the ability to customise the page layout, and the great page themes are all fabulous. In addition, there’s a recent feature to add a dynamic sidebar via customisable widgets.

Seeing as how I also use Coppermine to drive my photo album, I decided to create a very simple widget to display a random image from the Coppermine in the sidebar.

To get hold of the widget, and to get updates, go to my widgets page.

Google have released yet another great program – this time for simple (and not so simple) design and layout of 3D ideas – a sort of laymans CAD, but easy to use. It’s called SketchUp and it’s available for free – take a look!

SketchUp – Home

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