Springtime, so we’re out planting the spring flowers (of course). And what every gardener needs is a little helper. The dungarees are up to the job, but I’m not sure about the hat!


If there’s one thing a girl likes, it’s a bit of public space to play in. Especially if it goes round and round or up and down. If fact, just about anything that can be thought of as a baby style fun park!




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Liz and baby Isabelle enjoying lunch. It’s always nice to cath up with some old friends (and some new little ones!) even if only fo a sort while.

Laura is rapidly heading for her first birthday. That means we’re preparing for an invasion of the small, and moving all breakable objects further out of reach. Expect chaos and mahem – will therefore have a late start and then head off to work to avoid the ensuing chaos of the party! As Laura is now table surfing quite happily, I suspect that whatever gifts we put out will be identified and tracked down in ultra-quick time. Anything new in the house is considered fair game, especially if expensive, black or electrical. Brightly coloured plastic just doesn’t cut it with the modern baby I’m afraid.

A day in the country. This is what happens when you go away for the weekend. Somebody puts you in a sling, and stands in a field looking for cows.
image of rob and laura

It’s been three weeks now, and apart from the 2am and 5am wake-up calls, it’s not been the complete disaster that we were expecting. As long as you follow the basic rules – feed, clean, regulate – then everything seems to be ok. I suspect we’re basking in an ocean of ignorance, but I’m quite happy to be in bliss for now!

On a side issue, it still feels pretty strange. On occasion, whilst sits down doing something, you’ll look round and discover that an absent minded friend or relation has left a small baby here by mistake – and then the hind-brain kicks in, and says “No your’s silly :-)”. I’m still looking for the instruction manual that the hospital should have given us; until then we’ll just have to guess….

Well, we’ve decided on some names. Two to be exact. We’re going to call her Laura Georgina. Now we test driving the name too. All is going fine so far, although the nights could be better (more sleep) and the days too (less sleep). Still, every journey starts with small steps, such as working out how to operate the various bits of kiddie machinery that we’ve now acquired.
Role on next week – some reinforcements will be down from Suffolk to help out 🙂 and take some of the chaos away (well, that’s the plan anyway).

Well, there is nothing like a dame, especially one that turns up 6 days early. I think that my mother probably had an influence. We had a baby girl at 12:15 Sunday lunchtime (10th April). And, as the new Doctor Who would say “Fabulous!”.

Anyway, its important to put down a few key facts – such as 7lb 3oz, or 3.25kg in new money. Not sure what else there is to say, other than everyone involved seems to be ok 🙂 To be honest, as the male in the equation, it’s a bit like project management. You don’t actually get to do any of the work, but can take unreasonable pride in the final delivery ;-]

I’ve posted a few pictures for early birds – go to the album for a sneak preview.

Well, it’s 10 days to go now, and counting. Not of course that we working to a timetable. Personally, I think the little ‘un will hold out for the election day, assuming that the NHS allows it go drag out that long 🙂 We’re about as set as we’re going to be, which isn’t well prepared at all. I’ve been given strict orders to have my phone on charge and with me at all times – no false alarms yet – have to check carefully who’s calling every time the phone goes off, in case it be “important”! Still, today I managed to contrive an all day meeting in an underground bunker – essential for good network coverage!

Well, if you’re up at 3 in the morning, then there’s not alot of TV to watch. Unless you have cable that is. Go to Telewest 275, and you’ll find Discovery Health. And this week is “Baby Week”. Highlight of the schedule is “Portland Babies”, showing women in various stages of labour. Highly informative, but not one to watch over breakfast. And, as Fi pointed out, all of the kiddies are invariably descibed as “beautiful”. No one has ever been hit by the ugly stick. Ever.

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