In my last post, I though that I’d found a really small Linux box. Well, this one is even smaller.

Picotux linux computer

Frankly I fail to see how you can get any smaller 🙂 Basically an RJ45 network connector plugs in the end, and that’s about it. The technical specs aren’t going to blow you socks away (inside there’s a 32-bit ARM running at 55 MHz with 2 or 4MB of flash memory and 8MB of RAM) but it’ll run a Busybox shell, and a webserver.

For more details look at the home page…

picotux – smallest Linux computer in the World

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Here’s something new – linux in a very small box, and no disk to boot, so it’s silent too.

Linutop - Desktop

If you want to have a simple and quiet PC under the TV, or you want to embed a web browser into your car, or the shed, then this has to be the way to go…..

Ever wondered what running Ubuntu linux looks like? Or Mac OS X? Well, here’s a neat way to get a preview without trashing you beloved PC! The OS Vids site has a short video preview of dozens of up-to-date OS in action, giving you a pretty good idea of what you’re letting yourself in for. Of course, it doesn’t show the pain of installing and configuring your system, or trying to get all the drivers to work seamlessly, but it’s a step up from reading the blurb on the outside of the box (or README if you downloaded the ISO image!)

Find out more at OS Vids

Need to edit a file but don’t have a copy of Word handy – then try this web based WP….

ajaxWrite – AJAX for Everyone

Every so often a truly useful website appears – and this is one.  Not much use if you spend all day every day in Putney, but if you travel alot, or if you phone people abroad, then this is an invaluable tool….

Time Zone Check – Travel Help

XP FileManager not as flexible or as useful as it could be?  Then try this lightweight freeware alternative – what have you got to loose?

ExplorerXP – Freeware file manager for Win2K/XP

OK, so this isn’t exactly news, but if you really need to get an Office package for absolutely no outlay, then OpenOffice is exactly what you’re looking for…. Home

Here’s a cool device – a PC small enough to fit into a wall socket.  It’s super thin-client stuff of course, but it’d be enough to stream through to a server somewhere.  Might work in a wired household? 

Jack PC

Have a look anyway….

Jack PC: The Wall Socket PC

Useful run through from Marton Anka on how to refresh your XP install from the ground up (i.e. reinstall), whilst still keeping hold of the data and applications that plagued your slow old XP. It’s basically a tutorial on VMWare, but it is nicely done.

Springtime, so we’re out planting the spring flowers (of course). And what every gardener needs is a little helper. The dungarees are up to the job, but I’m not sure about the hat!


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