I'm writing this article using Blogsy, which so far appears to be the best blogging option for the iPad by far. That's not to say that it is quite as simple as doing the same job on your laptop, but it is certainly easier than using one of the native apps, such as WordPress.


It has a nice clear interface (similar to most iPad apps to be honest), and a neat 2 sided panel for actually entering the article: a “rich” side, which allows images to be dragged onto the page, and an “HTML” side, for entering the text, editing in raw form, and generally tidying up the details.

Down the side are a number of accelerators, which allow you to find and add images to your posts, or to upload images from your camera roll to a number of social networking sites. Best of all it just seems to work!

All in all, very much to be recommended, as you can see.