The application of the day has to be Flipboard. Given that the premise of a social content reader is so simple, the execution is quite excellent and the results speak for themselves (see below for an example). You can choose from a selection of ready made feeds from partner publishers provided by Flipboard and add these to the front page, or you can choose customised feeds based on your social network sires to create a personalised feed.

The front page itself is a relatively simple bento box style selection of squares which makes it very easy to choose a topic to browse, but once into the content proper, Flipboard does a remarkable job of turning the text and images from the selected sources into a very readable graphical magazine style format.

Drilling into the detail from the headlines is a simple tap, and flipping from one page to the next shows off the capability of the iPad to the best. Whilst Flipboard relies entirely on a data stream from the Internet, the overall result in certainly a step up from others and provides a cool way to browse news from friends and the Web alike. And best of all, it’s free!