I’ve had an LG 19″ LCD monitor for a few years now, and with the slow march of progress, it was time to think about a replacement.  Cue list of desirable features:

  • Larger screen size than previous, around 21″ or 22″
  • Widescreen aspect, either 16:9 or 16:10
  • Lower energy consumption, both in operation and especially of standby
  • Better stand, with ideally both landscape and portrait modes
  • A USB hub built in to provide desktop extensibility
  • A quality screen, with good colour reproduction in support of Adobe products for the photographer
  • Not too expensive 🙂

After a sensible scan around the field, I considered a few options, including another LG, and a Dell. I picked the Dell.

Why? Well, for a number of reasons:

  1. Good match to the requirements
  2. S-IPS LCD screen, giving excellent colour fidelity and wide vertical viewing angle
  3. High-ish resolution of 1680×1050 (not full 1080p, but then it isn’t aimed at watching HD video)
  4. Quick (6ms) and bright (300 cd/m2)
  5. 3-year warranty
  6. 1 watt power consuption in standby

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DELL Dell Ultrasharp™ 2209WA 22-Inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor