I have been looking to install a net nanny type application for sometime on my home network, mainly to provide some protection for the kids against the less salubrious websites that are out there.

Received wisdom (mainly from the local ISP) is that I should install a dedicated nanny application onto each PC that I have, and keep each of these up to date as and when the software and the black/white lists change. And this of course is good and sensible advice.

However, I am generally too lazy to do all of the above, and besides, I didn’t want to slow down my connection even more with another application clogging up my MB and CPU. So I started looking for an alternate solution – a net nanny enabled router perhaps?

In the end, I came across this instead – OpenDNS | Providing A Safer And Faster Internet. So, how does this work?

Well, OpenDNS replaces your normal DNS resolution servers, as provided by your ISP. Instead, you go to a special set of DNS servers, which intercept any bad sites and instead send you to a nice warning page instead. Like this…..

In addition, because you access the site through a unique ID, you can also configure OpenDNS to provide additional functionality. Like:

  • Phishing protection
  • Domain blocking
  • Adult site blocking
  • Web proxy blocking
  • Domain whitelisting
  • DNS statistics

And, best of all, this comes at a dollar value of $0! Frankly I think it’s a brilliant solution, and it works on each and every PC on my home network, and on any guest machines as well.

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