The buzz around this new product has been astonishing – and it’s only just been released. For $499 US you get a small black USB 2.0 unit that can hold up to 4 SATA disk drives.

Drobo storage robot So it’s a big off-host data store? Well, that and much more.

This isn’t just a simple off-host disk, or even an array of disk (like RAID).  It’s actually an intelligent component in its own right (and that’s why this is a robot).  No matter the number of disks installed (up to 4 SATA drives) the Drobo makes them appear as one big drive.  The capacity is subdivided into data, backup and expansion spaces, and the robot manages the location of the data seamlessly and transparently (it is claimed).

All of this means that you shoudn’t lose data even if a disk fails; you can add extra capacity on-the-fly by slotting a new disk into a spare slot; you can replaced a disk without having to reconfigure the system; and so on…

For the full skinny, go straight to the website….
Drobo | Products

The only question I have, is when is it going to arrive in the UK? And can I pre-order one now? If I can get my hands on one of these devices, I’ll let you know exactly how well this great new idea turns out to be….

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