If, like me, you like to be able to think whilst sat at your computer, then your No.1 biggest enemy is the fan.  At the same time, you want plenty of power to run those top-of-the-line games and graphics systems.  Anyone who is using the beta of Adobe Lightroom will surely know that you can never have enough MIPS under the bonnet.

So, how to resolve the power vs. noise conundrum.  Best bet is to start looking at quiet PC products, especially those that use heat pipes, or where possible no fan at all.  Trick is to eliminate or hush all of the fans (CPU, GPU, Northbridge, PSU).

This offering from Yesico (courtesy of Quietpc.com) doesn’t quite go all the way, but it’s pretty close.  It’s a PSU with only 1 small internal fan, so it should all but kill the fan noise out the back of the case, and at 550W it should be beefy enough to run just about any set of gear inside your case that you choose.

Take a closer look at QuietPC.com – FL-550ATX Fanless 550W PSU

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